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Work package 3

Work package 3 (Model Embedding) will focus on software development.

We distinguish development of the generic Complex Automata Environment, and the implementation of our demonstrator application within this environment, resulting in two main tasks WP3.1 and WP3.2. The first task will build on the results coming from WP2, and result in a generic software framework for Complex Automata, allowing those types of model embeddings as identified in WP2. The second task in WP3 is specifically tailored towards our prototype application. Here we will define in all detail our sub models, devise rule sets and apply theory from WP2 to design a formal Complex Automaton that will model our application.

Given the description of the model in terms of Complex Automata, and given software for all subsystems, we take the generic software framework from WP3.1, and use it to build our simulation software. Rule sets will be devised using a combination of current knowledge of the underlying mechanisms leading to and influencing restenosis obtained both from the literature and by consultation with researchers and clinicians studying the problem. During the process of restenosis tissue is assembled due to the interaction of the individual cells, cell colonies and the mechanical and fluid dynamic environments. The aim is to produce a predictive model.


Technische Universität Braunschweig

  • Manfred Krafczyk